AlbaNova Colloquium

Greenland ice cores tell tales on past sea level contributions

by Dorthe Dahl-Jensen (Copenhagen University & University of Manitoba)

2 Mars 2023, 15:15 - Oskar Kleins auditorium

The Greenland Ice Sheet is reacting to climate change, and is losing progressively more mass every year. One of our challenges in the future is to adapt to rising sea level. Looking into the past provides knowledge on how the ice sheets react to changing climate, and this can be used to improve future predictions of sea level rise. The deep ice cores from Greenland contain information on past climate that goes back more than 130,000 years, telling tales about past abrupt climate and sea level changes.


NOTE: The AlbaNova colloquium fika will be at 14:45 from now on, and at Ljusgården B4.