How to get to AlbaNova

Deliveries to AlbaNova

Deliveries should be made to the Hannes Alfvéns väg 11, on the north side of the main building. This address is reached from Valhallavägen, via Roslagstullsbacken or Körsbärsvägen. Previously there has been access to the goods reception from Kräftriket via Albanovägen, this route is no longer available due to the construction work going on there.

Getting to AlbaNova by car

Parking is available on the north side of the main building, along Hannes Alfvéns väg 13 to 5. This is accessed from Valhallavägen via Körsbärsvägen or Roslagstullsbacken.

Getting to AlbaNova by bus

There are multiple buses stopping near AlbaNova, the closest being bus 61 which stops at Ruddammen, 50 meters from the AlbaNova main entrance. Other alternatives are any bus going to the stop "Roslagstull (på Vallhallavägen)" and walking up Roslagstullsbacken to the AlbaNova main entrance, or bus stop "Albano" and walking over the construction site using the pathway to get to the north side entrance to AlbaNova at Hannes Alfvéns väg 7.


Getting to AlbaNova by bicycle

In addition to the road routes to AlbaNova, two bridges for cycles and pedestrians lead to AlbaNova from the KTH and Frescati campuses.

One bridge goes over the Roslagsbanan railway line behind the Q buildings, Drottning Kristinas väg 53. The bridge leads to Ruddammsvägen, which you can follow all the way to the roundabout at the end, and the entrance to the AlbaNova campus.

The other bridge leads over the railway line from Drottning Kristinas väg beyond the mechanical engineering building. This bridge also leads onto Ruddammsvägen, which you can follow as above. Alternatively, follow the slip road from the end of the bridge down to the right. This route takes you to the north entrance to Albanova, and beyond to Roslagsvägen and Frescati.

Cycle parking is available at all AlbaNova's entrances. The main cycle parking is in front of the main entrance at Roslagstullsbacken 21.

Getting to AlbaNova by subway

The nearest underground station is Tekniska högskolan on the red line. On foot, take the station exit ’Körsbärsvägen’ and either take a number 61 bus or follow Körsbärsvägen up and over the hill to AlbaNova.