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New tank for liquid nitrogen

On April 27th a new tank for liquid nitrogen will be installed. Because of this the available liquid nitrogen will be limited on April 27-28, please plan accordingly.

The nitrogen gas will be supplied using packages of gas bottles and will continue uniterrupted.

New cooling units

At 09:30 on monday April 26th part KB4 of the cooling system will be switched to new units.

During the switch there may be fluctuations in the flow and temperature but technicians will be present to make sure it goes according to plan.

For questions, contact Lars Johansson:

Covid-19 response

For measures taken by AlbaNova to combat the spread of the covid-19 virus see our dedicated page, here.


Parking during Covid-19

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic parking fees for staff at AlbaNova have been removed. Until june 30th 2021 parking is free for staff with an AlbaNova parking sticker valid for the current year in their window. Parking is still only allowed on marked parking spaces and the gravel field alotted by the construction side. Parking errors will still be fined.

If you need a parking sticker you can collect one in the reception on floor 5.

When this policy changes we will update this space and send an e-mail.

On December 1st the fees for parking will change. The new costs are:

Visitors: 22 sek/hr
Staff: 12 sek/hr, 40 sek/5hr, or 55 sek for the entire day




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