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Covid-19 response

For measures taken by AlbaNova to combat the spread of the covid-19 virus see our dedicated page, here.

Address change

With the opening of the new campus Albano the road running along the north side of AlbaNova has now changed its name to Hannes Alfvéns Väg.

Our new addresses are:

Roslagsvägen 30A → Hannes Alfvéns Väg 13

Roslagsvägen 30B → Hannes Alfvéns Väg 11

Roslagsvägen 30C → Hannes Alfvéns Väg 9

Roslagsvägen 30D → Hannes Alfvéns Väg 7

Roslagsvägen 30E → Hannes Alfvéns Väg 5

Make sure to update the delivery addresses when ordering items.



Opening hours of internal services

The goods station and reception are open as usual 08:00-16:30, despite the covid 19 situation.

For questions about access cards contact

If our opening hours were to change we will update this information.

Gym information

The gym is now open again. For gym information, see the gym page, here: AlbaNova gym page



Upcoming Events