Art at AlbaNova

As with most public buildings AlbaNova hosts several works of art purchased for us by the Public Arts Agency Sweden. These have been made by artists both Swedish and foreign, and were selected by professor Olle Kåks.

Three works were ordered specifically for AlbaNova and they all have a tie to the subject of physics. Think Think by Tony Cragg outside of the main entrance, Fall by Klara Kristalova on the grass outside of the restaurant, and the sun reflection installation by Olafur Eliasson in the glassed middle section of the main building.

The works of art ordered for AlbaNova:
Think Thing by Tony Cragg
Sun reflector by Olafur Eliasson
Fall by Klara Kristalova

Other work in and around AlbaNova
Vid ett gammalt färjeläge by Max Book
• Utan titel by Marcel Dzama
Speaker, Equipment, Northern Florida Room Service, Palms and Yellow Skies, The Room Next to the Semcom Room all by Niklas Enebom
The Outsider, Stolen, Floden all by Jan Håfström
Mirror Box by Mikael Lundberg
Barbarita by Esko Männinkkö
Cirkel and Figur by Peter Zennström

Our own contributions to the centres collection
The guest book of Oskar Klein