The organization of AlbaNova

AlbaNova University Center is a research and education initiative run jointly by the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Stockholm University (SU).

The cooperation between the two universities is reflected in the Center's organization.

AlbaNova's relationship to Stockholm University and KTH

AlbaNova is part of the university administration within the Royal Institute of Technology and has the status of a center within Stockholm University.

The departments/schools in AlbaNova are connected to the university organizations at each university (Stockholm University's Faculty of Science and the School Organization at KTH). The universities have, as before, control over allocation of funds, etc.


Shared facilities

A number of common facilities are the responsibility of the Center:

  • Information
  • Premises
  • Central computer network
  • Web publishing
  • Internal services, switchboard, reception
  • Post and deliveries
  • Security guards
  • Alarms, locks and security
  • Cleaning
  • Restaurant
  • Refuse collection and recycling

Electronic media are handled by the Royal Institute of Technology's library.

Computer networking is organized centrally for the whole Center.
Other computer issues are handled by the departments.

The Mechanical Workshop is shared between the departments.


Facility management

The building functions at AlbaNova are run by the facility manager. This person is responsible for reconstructions, ventilation, electricity and other general building related issues.

Facility manager:
Viktor Mannervik
Tel: 08-790 9839


Internal services

Internal services help out the various departments located at AlbaNova. They are staffed by KTH, and among other things man the goods reception, empty recycling stations, deliver mail, change lamps and move furniture.

The internal services unit is run by Mats Sundberg.

Mats Sundberg
Tel: 08-790 9838
Email: or


AlbaNova is led by a director. The director has a three-year tour of duty and is appointed jointly by KTH and SU.
The director is assisted by a reference group, consisting of the school deans for the schools of biotechnology and engineering sciences, the heads of department of Fysikum and astronomy at SU.

The director's duties are as follows:

  • the daily operative responsibility for the common services provided within AlbaNova
  • responsibility for contacts with SU and KTH
  • responsibility for AlbaNova's external contacts

Mats Larsson
Tel: 08-5537 8647


Central administration

The director of AlbaNova is supported by an administrative office, responsible for the common part of AlbaNova's administration.

The administrative office is part of KTH's organization.

The departments' internal administrative work, for example budget, staffing plans, new positions, etc., is carried out within each department.

Ann-Christine Eriksson
Tel: 08-790 9836
Email: acerikss


Technical staff

The technical staff is in charge for equipment in lecture halls, as well as doors, alarms and key cards.

Hugo Svanborg
Tel: 08-790 9837