Breaking down boundaries

Modern scientific research and teaching break down the boundaries between disciplines. Continual interaction creates new fields of enquiry

AlbaNova University Center, the Stockholm Center for Physics, Astronomy and Biotechnology (in Swedish, AlbaNova universitetscentrum, Stockholms centrum för fysik, astronomi och bioteknik) is an exciting interdisciplinary project linking three subject areas,

  • Physics
  • Astronomy
  • Biotechnology

and two of Stockholm's universities,

  • Stockholm University
  • Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

AlbaNova is located on Albano Hill, close to both Stockholm University and KTH. The Center is housed in a new building by architect Henning Larsen, and in renovated buildings which once were part of the Roslagstull Hospital.

Here we combine teaching and research in physics, astronomy and biotechnology, at both Stockholm University and the Royal Institute of Technology. AlbaNova opened in autumn/fall 2001.

Working and studying at AlbaNova are 2000-4000 students, and 800 researchers, graduate students and other staff.