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Roslagstullsbacken 21
(This is the address of the main entrance to AlbaNova, in the rotunda of the main building. Reception is to the left at the back of the entrance hall. Other entrances to the main building and to the other buildings have different numbers, all however on Roslagstullsbacken.)

AlbaNova Universitetscentrum
Tekniska Högskolan(or KTH)or Stockholms universitet
Name of department
SE – 106 91 Stockholm

Engelsk postadress:
AlbaNova University Center
Royal Institute of Technology or Stockholm University
Name of department
SE – 106 91 Stockholm

The address must start with ”AlbaNova University Center”. Always remember to include the name of the department in the address, especially if the address might be used on an invoice.

Note that AlbaNova’s post code is 106 91, the same as for Stockholm university, even for departments of KTH.