Open Lectures

Water and ice - one molecule, many mysteries

Water is omnipresent and the most important liquid for life on Earth. Although a water molecule is seemingly simple, structure and dynamics of the hydrogen-bonded network still puzzles researchers all over the world. Water shows a variety of extraordinary properties that are important for our environment, such as the density maximum at 4°C or simply the fact that ice floats on water. The fundamental origin of these anomalies is yet to be fully understood. In this open lecture the fascinating microscopic properties of supercooled water – and in particular the solid state “ice” – will be discussed. Did you know that there might be two “types” of liquid water or that ice can constitute far more than one crystalline structure? Learn how modern X-ray scattering experiments help us to reveal these mysteries of water

Meet Katrin Amann-Winkel, researcher at the Department of Physics, Stockholm University