The Fate of Lepton Number in the LHC Era

I correlate two major ideas driving us beyond the Standard Model: low-energy supersymmetry (SUSY) and neutrino masses arising through a violation of Lepton number in the see-saw mechanism. I show that SUSY see-saw provides a powerful complementary road to new physics in combination with the well known direct searches of physics beyond the SM at LHC.

The implications range from the very near future tests in lepton flavor violating experiments like MEG ( search for a muon decaying into an electron and a photon at PSI) to the intriguing possibility that the whole cosmic matter-antimatter asymmetry arises as a consequence of Lepton number violation.

Finally I’ll show that the correlation of flavor violations in the leptonic and hadronic sectors constitutes a very interesting handle to probe the grand unification of elementary interactions in a SUSY context.


Slides (PDF)