Spin sensitive spectroscopy studies at MAX IV-lab: the magnetism and electronic structure of new spintronic materials

In this talk, I present some of the opportunities offered by synchrotron radiation based spectroscopy in the soft x-ray and VUV spectral ranges to characterise the magnetism and electronic structure of materials suitable for spintronic applications. I present work performed at MAX IV-lab, at the I1011 and I3 beamlines, which allow probing both the spin and electronic state of the photo-excited atoms. I discuss in particular results from the dilute magnetic semiconductors systems GaN doped with Fe and ZnO doped with Bi, using soft x-ray x-ray absorption spectroscopy. [1,2] I also discuss x-ray absorption spectroscopy and spin resolved photoemission results of molecular adsorption on ferromagnetic surfaces. [3] The results are underlying the uniqueness of synchrotron radiation based spectroscopy to characterise new types of spintronic materials.

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