Solid-State Quantum Nodes for Quantum Repeaters


The distribution of entanglement between the nodes of a quantum network will allow new advances e.g. in long distance quantum communication, distributed quantum computing and quantum sensing. The realization of large-scale quantum networks will require quantum repeaters. The nodes of a quantum repeater are matter systems that should efficiently interact with quantum light, allow entanglement with photons (ideally at telecommunication wavelengths) and serve as a quantum memory allowing long-lived, faithful and multiplexed storage of (entangled) quantum bits.

In this talk, after introducing the context I will describe our recent progress towards the realization of quantum repeater nodes with multiplexed ensemble-based quantum memories, using cryogenically cooled rare-earth ion doped solids. I will also describe our efforts to distribute quantum information between disparate quantum nodes and to scale up quantum repeater links, including light-matter and matter-matter entanglement experiments as well as light to matter quantum teleportation. Finally, I will explain our current work to build quantum processing nodes using single rare-earth ions in nanoparticles.