Signatures of ubiquitous magnetic reconnection in the lower solar atmosphere

Magnetic reconnection is a fundamental mechanism for many
dynamic and transient events in the solar atmosphere, such as flares,
coronal mass ejections (CMEs), jets, Ellerman bombs, ultra-violet (UV)
bursts, and x-ray bright points. Ellerman Bomb is a magnetic
reconnection phenomenon in the solar lower atmosphere, manifesting as
intense brightenings in the wings of the hydrogen Balmer lines.
Recently, it has been found that Ellerman-like brightenings also exist
in the quiet sun and are known as quiet Sun Ellerman bombs. These are a
signature of the fundamental process of magnetic reconnection at the
smallest observable scale in the lower solar atmosphere. The speaker
will present high spatio-temporal observations in the hydrogen Blamer-β
line which reveal the ubiquitous presence of magnetic reconnection in
the lower solar atmosphere. The ubiquitous small-scale reconnection
events would be the key to understanding the dissipation of quiet-Sun
magnetic energy and the reconfiguration of magnetic fields.