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CANCELLED - Quantum secure communication

We are sorry to announce that this event is cancelled. We will do our best to schedule it again in the autumn.


The financial and defense sectors crucially depend on communication through channels that cannot be intercepted by unauthorized people. Today’s cryptographic protocols rely on RSA or so-called elliptical curves methods. There is no guarantee that today’s cryptographic protocols will remain safe in the near future. Fortunately, quantum mechanics makes it possible to solve the key transfer problem in a new and proven safe manner. Unlike classical methods, it is the nature’s laws that guarantee the security of quantum cryptography. I will introduce and review quantum secure communication and also the worldwide effort in quantum technologies.

Mohamed Bourennane is professor at the Department of Physics working in the field of quantum information. He has more than 15  years experience at the forefront of research to develop quantum secure communication.

This lecture will be given in English

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