PhD Thesis Defenses

PhD Thesis defense: A single trapped Rydberg ion

Systems of trapped ions and systems of ultracold Rydberg atoms are used at the forefront of quantum physics research and
they make strong contenders as platforms for quantum technologies. Trapped Rydberg ions are a new hybrid technology
envisaged to have both the exquisite control of trapped ion systems and the strong interactions of Rydberg atoms.
In this work a single trapped Rydberg ion is experimentally investigated. A trapped 88Sr+ ion is excited to Rydberg states
using two ultraviolet lasers. Effects of the strong trapping electric fields on the sensitive Rydberg ion are studied. After
mitigating unwanted trap effects, the ion is coherently excited to Rydberg states and a quantum gate is demonstrated. This
thesis lays much of the experimental groundwork for research using this novel system.

Keywords: Trapped ions, Rydberg physics, quantum information platforms, atomic physics.

Stockholm 2018