New Science by X-ray Imaging and Ultrafast Dynamics Experiments at the European XFEL

The European X-Ray Free-Electron Laser in Hamburg-Schenefeld was inaugurated on 1st Sept this year after 8 years of construction work. It
is the most powerful X-ray laser in the world and the result of an international collaboration with 12 contributing countries. This new
facility will provide users with X-rays of unprecedented peak brilliance and coherence. Access to the European XFEL is provided through an open application procedure with the selection of experiments based on scientific excellence via peer review. In the seminar I will discuss the novel opportunities for X-ray experiments that emerge, with particular focus on the experimental capabilities of the MID station (MID: Materials Imaging and Dynamics) which will open for users in 2018. Combining ultrafast experiments with X-ray coherence provides new possibilities both for imaging and dynamics experiments is the areas of materials science, physics, chemistry, and biology.