PhD Thesis Defenses

Licentiate thesis defense:Study of polycrystalline gold surfaces by potential-dependent optical sum frequency generation

With the increase in demand for renewable energy, the comprehension of chemical processes
is essential to improve the design of catalysts in order to achieve better performance. This
thesis summarizes the experimental investigation of redox reactions on polycrystalline gold
surfaces by combining electrochemistry with operando surface-specific sum frequency
generation (SFG) for a wider anodic potential interval than previously studied in acidic
aqueous medium (H3PO4, pH 1). This configuration provides new insight about the chemical
processes involved in the formation and reduction of gold oxides. More precisely, the
migration of oxygen below the gold surface leading to a stratified structure has been
suggested for the first time. This information is relevant to bring more clarity about redox
reactions on gold surface during catalytic reactions