Jordan Cotler (Harvard): From chromatic interferometry to a new paradigm for experimental physics

In conventional experiments, quantum systems are interrogated by measurement devices which destroy quantum coherence. We theoretically develop the new subject of ‘chromatic¬†interferometry’ by going beyond the usual paradigm: we deliberately entangle experimental samples with lab apparatuses and perform coherent quantum operations on the joint system to extract hidden correlations. This enables a new and powerful method of high-resolution imaging for multi-wavelength sources, which has been experimentally realized by the group of Jian-Wei Pan.¬† The method has applications ranging from astrophysics to microscopy. More broadly, we will discuss a quantum information-theoretic framework to study experiments where apparatuses can be entangled with experimental samples, and quantum coherence is maintained thereafter.¬† It can be proved that for several ‘model’ experiments, there is an exponential savings in resources if the experimentalist can entangle apparatuses with experimental samples.