ChemAtom Seminar: Hajime Tanuma (Tokyo Metro Uni) A brief history of an electrostatic ion storage ring in Tokyo Metropolitan University - From the construction to the recurrent fluorescence

After ELISA in Aarhus and ESring in Tsukuba, TMU E-ring had been developed as the third electro-static ion storage ring in 2003. In this talk, I will introduce how to construct this apparatus, what were measured using it, and what is going on.
This ring is the first cryogenic ring cooled by liquid nitrogen. However, most of experiments have been performed at room temperature. Because initial temperatures of molecular/cluster ions produced in sources are extremely high, it is easy to observe their cooling processes even at room temperature. In the first decade, we have observed only neutral particles produced in the ring. But, we have succeeded to observe fluorescence emissions from circulating carbon cluster anions in 2015. This photo emission is called as recurrent fluorescence or Poincare fluorescence which had been predicted long time ago.