Astronomy Seminar via zoom: Impact of feedback on the ISM of extreme starburst galaxies

Blue compact galaxies (BCGs) are metal-poor, starbursting galaxies with characteristics similar to the young high-redshifted galaxies. Their starburst condition favoured the formation of thousands of massive stars that are continuously injecting energy, heat and momentum into the ISM. These feedback mechanisms strongly affect the condition of the surrounding gas or even the gas of the entire galaxy. In this talk I will present results from my work during my PhD studies. We have used the nearby starburst and Lyman continuum emitting galaxy Haro 11 as a benchmark to study in detail  a) the impact of stellar feedback on the ISM of strong starbursting galaxies; b) the mechanisms that favour the escape of LyC photons out of the galaxy; and c) the condition of the gas under extreme environments. We used deep VLT/MUSE data, that allowed us to get a 3D view of the internal structure of the galaxy.