Astronomy departmental seminar - Mattia Sirressi (SU)

Title: Star clusters as engines of galaxy evolution

Feedback in star forming galaxies is the key process that regulates how many stars form given the available gas reservoir. For non-active galaxies the dominant source of feedback is represented by the ionising radiation, stellar winds and supernova explosions of massive stars. Young star clusters (YSCs) are the natural habitat of massive stars and inject large amounts of radiation, energy and momentum into the surrounding interstellar medium (ISM).
After a brief introduction on star clusters, I will present a methodology that exploits the FUV spectroscopy of YSCs to study both the physical properties of the stellar population and the gas kinematics in the ISM. I will first show a study where the above method is employed for the starburst galaxy Haro 11. Secondly, I will present the results of the same type of analysis carried out for a sample of 20 YSCs named CLUES (CLusters in the Uv as EngineS). Thisstudy reveals for the first time the properties of outflows driven by YSCs at scales between tens and a few hundreds pc, which extend to smaller scales the relation found in previous works between galactic outflows and the star-formation properties of host galaxies.