ALM, the KTH infrastructure for advanced microscopy at SciLifeLab


The advanced light microscopy facility (ALM) is an established KTH infrastructure, located at SciLifeLab. ALM provides access and user support in advanced light microscopy for nanoscale biological visualization. The laboratory is one of the nodes in the Swedish national microscopy infrastructure, NMI, and its European counterpart, EuroBioimaging.

The mission of the Advanced Light Microscopy (ALM) facility is to give support with superresolution fluorescence microscopy for nanoscale biological visualisation (SIM, STED, STORM/PALM, ExM). In addition the laboratory support single molecule measurement and analysis with fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS/FCCS/FRET-FCS), and combined with superresolution for nanoscale dynamical studies (STED-FCS). Moreover, support with light-sheet fluorescence microscopy (LSFM) allow users to image live and/or optically cleared larger samples at unprecedented volumetric speed with low phototoxity. Single cell ultra-fast volumetric imaging of biological processes at high-resolution is provided by lattice light-sheet microscopy (LLSM).