Master thesis presentation: A Model Investigation of Photoionization Delay for Atomic Clusters

This thesis had the purpose of investigating, through computer simulation, the atomic delay of the outgoing electron during a process of laserassisted photoionization of atomic clusters, using the jellium model approximation a charged spherical shell distribution. During the process, a photoionizing XUV photon is rst absorbed by a valence electron, which then absorbs/emitts one IR photon of the laser probe. During earlier treatment regarding hydrogen, the CC delay due to the absorption of the second photon|has been tested for di erent angular channels and considered, on a good approximation, to be universal. The study in this thesis has revealed a deviation from universality of the CC delay specically for jellium models of size among 1 and 5 atomic units. Moreover, the presence of Cooper minima in the cross section has been observed.