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Reception currently closed

Currently, the reception is closed. See below for common issues and how to get help with them. If you still have questions, contact internal services at 08-790 9835 or

  • Temporary access cards – Available at the goods station, floor 1
  • Parking stickers – Available at the goods station, floor 1
  • New access cards and keys, applications and handing out – Contact
  • Fault reports – Send an e-mail to, or call 08-790 9833 in case of urgent issues.
  • Room bookings – Send an e-mail to
  • Deliveries – All deliveries are to be made to the goods station, Hannes Alfvéns Väg 11
  • Microphones – Available in the lecture halls

Covid-19 response

For measures taken by AlbaNova to combat the spread of the covid-19 virus see our dedicated page, here.

Parking during Covid-19 - updated

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic parking fees for staff at AlbaNova have been removed. Until the end of 2021 parking is free for staff with an AlbaNova parking sticker valid for the current year in their window. Parking is still only allowed on marked parking spaces and the gravel field alotted by the construction side. Parking errors will still be fined.

If you need a parking sticker you can collect one at the goods station on floor 1.

When this policy changes we will update this space and send an e-mail.

On December 1st the fees for parking will change. The new costs are:

Visitors: 22 sek/hr
Staff: 12 sek/hr, 40 sek/5hr, or 55 sek for the entire day.

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