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AlbaNova Emblem

Since AlbaNova is not an autonomous entity, it does not have its own graphic identity(i.e. rules for use of emblems/logos, typefaces, colours and other elements in an organization's visual profile).

Employees at AlbaNova's departments should always use the rules which apply to their own university for design of printed materials, web pages etc.
Notice of courses, letters to research colleagues and other departments, research reports, conference posters, web pages, visiting cards, advertisements, brochures or other marketing material, etc., should be designed using your university's emblem and clearly marking your department as the source.

Occasionally, letters or other printed matter may need to be designed in the name of AlbaNova itself , for example correspondence from the Director or from the central administration, applications in the name of the whole of AlbaNova, or notice of lectures or open days which concern all the departments.
Only in such cases should AlbaNova's own 'emblem' be used.

The 'emblem' has been designed by Kjell Lundgren and Emelie Hage at Stockholm University's design and graphics office. It is not an emblem in the usual sense of the word, rather a graphically consistent way of presenting the two universities' emblems together with AlbaNova's name(in abbreviated form). A thick coloured line delineates these two graphical elements.
The colour is the following:

Although the 'emblem' can be seen as a graphical unit, its main purpose is to emphasize AlbaNova's role as part of the two universities.
The imaginatively inclined may note a reference in the 'emblem' design to the austere form of the main building's north facade, with the text as stylized rows of windows and the colour as a meeting of the yellow-ochre and red colours of the buildings on the hill.