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För att all verksamhet på AlbaNova ska löpa smidigt har ansvaret för den gemensamma servicen fördelats över flera olika grupper. En del av tjänsterna köps externt. Här en kortfattad översikt, med kontaktadresser.


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AlbaNova is led by a board, made up of representatives for the different departments' research and teaching.
Day-to-day operation is in the hands of AlbaNova's director and the administrative office.


AlbaNova is led by a director. The director has a three-year tour of duty, is appointed jointly by KTH and SU and has KTH as employer.
The direcotr is assisted by a reference group, consisting of the school deans for the schools of biotechnology and engineering sciences, the heads of department of Fysikum and astronomy at SU.

The director's duties are as follows:

Mats Larsson
Tel: 08-5537 8647

Board   »  see Director

Central administration

The director of AlbaNova is supported by an administrative office, responsible for the common part of AlbaNova's administration.

The administrative office is part of KTH's organization.
Both its staff and the AlbaNova director are employed by KTH.

The departments' internal administrative work, for example budget, staffing plans, new positions, etc., is carried out within each department.

Ann-Christine Eriksson
Tel: 08-5537 8424

Administrative managers

Department of Astronomy, SU:
Lena Olofsson
Room: C6:3031
Tel: 08-5537 8501

Department of Biotechnology, KTH:
Inger Åhlén
Room: B3:1003
Tel: 08-5537 8403

Department of Physics, KTH:
Malin Höglund Hestreus
Room: C5:3022
Tel: 08-5537 8100

Fysikum, SU:
Eilert Stensson
Room: C5:3047
Tel: 08-5537 8705


Responsible groups

Responsibility for a number of areas, for example chemicals and computer support, is held by responsible groups with members nominated by the departments.

Computing Group

The Computing Group is responsible for the network, servers and other shared computing resources at AlbaNova.
Most servers and workstations are however the responsibility of the departments.

Iouri Belokopytov
Tel: 08-5537 8429

Other group members:
Sergio Gelato, Department of Astronomy SU, Email:
Arne Elofsson, SBC SU, Email:
Anders Holmberg, Department of Biotechnology KTH, Email:
Anders Liljeborg, Department of Physics KTH, Email:
Torbjörn Moa, Fysikum SU, Email:

Chemicals group

The Chemicals Group is responsible for risk assessment, handling of chemicals and chemicals handling instructions.
Each department has a representative in the Chemicals Group.

Contact person/group chair:
Ulf Sassenberg
Tel: 08-5537 8638

Contact person for telephony

Questions about IP telephones, general questions about the telephone service in AlbaNova, disruptions in service, or activation of new telephone jacks should be directed to your department's contact person for telephony issues.

Contact persons:
Sandra Åberg, Astronomy/SU
Inger Åhlén, Biotechnology/KTH
ElsMari Kristiansson, Physics/KTH
Kjell Fransson, Fysikum/SU
Ann-Christine Eriksson, Stefan Hübenette, AlbaNova

Food Committee

The Food Committee provides a link between employers, employees and students and the restaurant proprietors.
The committee monitors the restaurant and its catering service, and assesses whether standards are being met in terms of quality, range, pricing, opening times, etc.

Ann-Christine Eriksson
Tel: 08-5537 8424

Other committee members:
Sandra Åberg, Astronomy/SU
Henrik Aspeborg, Biotechnology/KTH
Agneta Christiansson, Physics/KTH
Eva Lindroth, Fysikum/SU
Marieanne Holmberg, ST/ATF
Nils Elander, SACO

Safety officers

Each department appoints a safety officer.

Safety officers:
NN, Astronomy/SU
NN, Biotechnology/KTH
NN, Physics/KTH
Jan-Åke Hasselquist, Fysikum/SU

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Security guards

Security guards for AlbaNova are provided by Securitas under the administration of KTH. Security officer for AlbaNova is Lena Edvardsson, tel. 08 - 790 8805.

24-hour security

To assist the security guards, KTH has a 24-hour security team of five persons. To reach the 24-hour security team, ring 08 - 790 77 00(internal extension 06 - 7700)at any time of day or night.

During office hours, KTH's switchboard will answer calls to the 24-hour security number.
The switchboard will then page KTH's 24-hour security team and AlbaNova's security officer, who will assess the severity of the alarm and take necessary action.

Outside office hours, the 24-hour security number is connected to Securitas' alarm central.
Securitas will then try to contact the KTH security team and if necessary AlbaNova's security officer.


All external doors in all buildings, and some internal doors, particularly to computer halls, are equipped with silent alarms.
This means that when a seal is broken, a signal is sent to Securitas, though no local alarm is raised.

Every time someone opens a door with an emergency handle instead of using the unlock button, a signal is sent to Securitas and AlbaNova must pay for unnecessary action by Securitas guards.


SU and KTH have an operations insurance policy with the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency(Kammarkollegiet). The two universities' respective insurance policies apply for AlbaNova.

Emergency plan

AlbaNova's Emergency plan is an folder with floor plans and telephone numbers, kept updated to assist KTH's 24-hour security team.
The plans include details of risk areas for emergency services, for example distribution plants, gas cylinder store and chemicals store.

When AlbaNova's alarm in the main building is activated, the emergency services will contact KTH's 24-hour security team for comprehensive risk information.

The telephone numbers in the emergency plan are the following:

Security officer KTH/AlbaNova:
Lena Edvardsson
Tel: 08 - 790 88 05



The AlbaNova Library is located on levels 6 and 7 in the rotunda in the main building.
The library is a reference and lending library for researchers and students. A number of workstations are available for readers who wish to consult the electronic journals which KTH and SU subscribe to.

The library is a branch of Stockholm University Library, SUB.

To borrow books from the library, you need a loan card from SUB, which can be obtained from the librarian on duty. An automatic book loan machine is available so that you can borrow books when there is no librarian on duty.

The photocopier in the library is the only one in AlbaNova available to students.
Ask the librarian for current prices.

Telephone number to the library's information desk is 08 - 5537 8293.



Opening hours are:


External services

A number of services are outsourced by AlbaNova.
Among these are:

Security guards
KTH's security service and Securitas
Restaurant and café
Fågelängens catering
Internal Services(janitor's office)
Perido Skills AB
Perido Skills AB
Team leader: Mikael Berhane
Contact: customer services, tel.
0771 - 96 90 00
Refuse collection/dangerous refuse
Repro unit at SU
Repro unit at KTH
Stockholm University's IT and media unit
Computer network
Stockholm University's IT and media unit
Sodexho Clean AB
ISS Fönsterputs


Building services

Major faults should be reported to AlbaNova's building services contact person, for example in the following areas:

(For smaller problems, e.g. change of lightbulbs, change of toner in copiers, contact Internal Services.)

Contact person:
Stefan Hübenette
Room: C5:3055
Mobile: 070 - 205 63 14(try email first)
Tel: 08 - 5537 8433(try email or mobile first)

Property owner

AlbaNova is leased from Skanska through Fysikhuset Stockholm KB.

If you have questions or wish to report faults, contact AlbaNova's building services contact person, who will take up any issues with the property owner.



AlbaNova currently encompasses six departments of Stockholm University(SU)and the Royal Institute of Technology(KTH):

In addition, the following research areas are either wholly or partly located at AlbaNova:

The departments are responsible research, teaching, and a number of administrative activities.

The departments are responsible for the following:


Internal Services

The Internal Services staff can be found on level 5 the main building, in room C5:3067 behind the reception next to the mailboxes, and also at the Goods Reception on level 1 near the entrance from Roslagsvägen 30B on the north side of the building.

Internal Services is run by staff from Proffice: Gösta Danielsson, Ann-Christine Eriksson, Magnus Karlsson and Hasse Olsson.

To contact Internal Services, ring 08-5537 8427(office in corridor C5)or 08-5537 8430(Goods Reception). You can also reach Gösta Danielsson by mobile at 070-717 45 54.


Office hours for Internal Services are

Internal Services can help you with the following:



Reception is located in the main building on level 5, just beyond the main entrance hall in the rotunda(Roslagstullsbacken 21).

Receptionist is Ann-Christine Eriksson from Proffice.

Telephone number to reception/switchboard is 08 - 5537 8444.


Opening hours are as follows:

The receptionist's duties include the following:

Ask your visitors to report to reception, then the receptionist can ring you when they arrive.
Remember to tell reception when you are expecting visitors!


Restaurant Entré

AlbaNova's restaurant is called 'Entré', and is located on level 3 of the main building, entrance from the main concourse. It seats 130; additional seating is available in the main concourse next to the restaurant, and outside during the summer months.

The proprietors are Fågelängens Catering. Conny Bengtsson(restaurant manager)and Klas Skoglund(chef)are staff members on duty.

Opening hours are:

(Other opening times can be arranged, e.g. for dinners in connection with conferences or thesis defences, etc.)

The restaurants remit is to offer the following:

Questions or comments about the restaurant and its service can be directed either to the restaurant manager or to your department's representative on the Food Committee.

Contact person for Restaurant Entré:
Conny Bengtsson
Tel: 08-560 247 04
Mobile: 070-493 63 00


Student offices

The student offices for Physics are in section B of the main building, on level 5 for KTH Physics, level 4 for SU Fysikum.
The student offices for Biotechnology are on level 5 in section D, all close to the classrooms in the eastern part of the building.
The student office for Astronomy is on level 6, section C.

The student offices offer the following services:

For contact persons for each department's student offices, see the following:

Student office for astronomy(SU)


Student office for biotechnology(KTH)


Student office for physics(KTH)


Student office for Fysikum(SU)


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AlbaNova's mechanical workshops are located on level 1 of the main building, in corridor A1.

If you want to order something from one of the workshops, contact the person responsible for each workshop.
Note that each department has its own routines and order forms.

Electronics workshop

The Electronics workshop takes care of:

Contact person, construction:
Alexander Agapow
Room: A1:1039
Tel: 08-5537 8609

Contact person, service:
Yuan Zou Wei
Room: A1:1038
Tel: 08-5537 8608

Mechanical workshop

The following equipment is available:

Contact persons SU:
Kjell Hörnfeldt and Lars-Erik Lundström
Room: A1:1010
Tel: 08-5537 8433, 5537 8434

Contact persons KTH:
Rolf Helg and Kjell Hammarström
Room: A1:1010
Tel: 08-5537 8431
Fax: 08-5537 8441


MCAE(Mechanical Computer Aided Engineering)is one of the services offered by AlbaNova's workshops.


Kjell Schmidt
Rum: A1:1043
Tel: 08-5537 8610