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Audiovisual/AV equipment

The auditoria contain complete sets of AV equipment: microphones (stationary and portable), overhead projectors, slide projectors with both straight and round magazines, plus VHS, CD and DVD players. Lighting, loudspeakers and some of the other equipment can be remotely controlled via touchscreen from the lectern. A large film screen and the angles of the two overhead projector screens can also be controlled from here. The computer and slide projectors have remote controls which can be obtained from Internal Services.

In the Oskar Klein auditorium there is also an overhead projector camera: a simple camera which one can use to take pictures (of documents, for example) and then show them with the computer projector.

In the seminar rooms there are overhead projectors and ceiling-mounted projectors (for use with computers).

The lecture rooms are equipped with overhead projectors and ceiling-mounted projectors (for use with computers).

AlbaNova also has a few portable overhead projectors which can be connected to laptop computers: to obtain these, contact the student offices for Fysikum (level 4) or KTH Physics (level 5). Return the projectors after use. Instructions are available for each.

If you need help or wish to borrow remote controls, spare parts or new projector bulbs, contact the reception on level 5, extension 8444.

» Contact address for  Internal Services

» Contact address for  Student offices