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AlbaNova's restaurant is called 'AlbaNova', and is located on level 3 of the main building, entrance from the main concourse. It seats 130; additional seating is available in the main concourse next to the restaurant, and outside during the summer months.

The proprietors are Fågelängens Catering. Conny Bengtsson(restaurant manager)and Klas Skoglund(chef)are staff members on duty.

Opening hours are:

(Other opening times can be arranged, e.g. for dinners in connection with conferences or thesis defences, etc.)

The restaurants remit is to offer the following:

Questions or comments about the restaurant and its service can be directed either to the restaurant manager or to your department's representative on the Food Committee.

Contact person for Restaurant AlbaNova:
Conny Bengtsson
Tel: 08-6120800
Mobile: 070-493 63 00