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Getting to AlbaNova on foot

From Tekniska högskolan underground station's 'Körsbärsvägen' exit, at the junction/corner of Valhallavägen and Odengatan, there are three walking routes to AlbaNova. All three take between 10 and 20 minutes depending on how leisurely you take it.

The first route: go up Körsbärsvägen past the yellow-brick Arcadia Hotel, then take Ruddammsvägen to the right. Follow Ruddammsvägen until the road ends in a roundabout, at the entrance to the AlbaNova grounds.

Alternatively, follow Körsbärsvägen all the way up to the top of the hill, then zigzag down through the residential area to Ruddammsbacken. Continue down past Körsbärsgården to the roundabout and the entrance to AlbaNova.

Finally, you can follow Valhallavägen from Tekniska högskolan station from where it leads left towards Roslagstull. At the first roundabout you will see the fast food kiosk Tullfritt - turn right up Ruddammsbacken just behind the kiosk. Passing the tower block on your left, at the top of the hill you reach the roundabout at the entrance to AlbaNova.

If you approach from östra Station, following Valhallavägen a few hundred metres leads you to the foot of Körsbärsvägen.

If you approach from the KTH campus, follow Drottning Kristinas väg until you see the red brick Mechanical Engineering building to the right. To the left here, follow the footbridge over the railway to Ruddammsvägen, which you can then follow all the way up to the roundabout.

If you approach AlbaNova from the SU campus at Frescati, the safest route is to walk south along Roslagsvägen as far as the Kräftriket campus. Then turn in to the left on Björnnäsvägen and immediately right onto the slip road that runs parallel to Roslagsvägen. After 200m, turn left into the Albano industrial estate, and up to the north entrance to the main building, address Roslagsvägen 30D. The walk from Frescati takes at least 20 minutes. The road from Frescati through Lill-Jansskogen has in places no pavement/sidewalk and is not recommended.

The AlbaNova campus contains a number of buildings, set in parkland. Unless you have received other instructions, you should probably aim for the main building. It is a 200-metre long white building on the north edge of the campus - if you come from Ruddammsvägen you will see the main entrance into the rotunda at the end of the gravel approach road. The main building's address is Roslagstullsbacken 21. The reception is located about 30 metres to the left, just inside the entrance hall.

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