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Car parking for 80 vehicles is located on the north side of the main building, address Roslagsvägen 30.

Parking elsewhere on the campus is forbidden, including roads and gravelled areas to the south of the main building (among the yellow houses). Vehicles with handicap permits and emergency service vehicles are excepted.

Q-park is responsible for AlbaNova’s parking spaces.

Parking fees

There is no free parking on site, except for vehicles with visible handicap permits and vehicles with service parking permits issued by Nordiska Parkering or the property owner.

Parking tickets for visitors and staff can be purchased from ticket machines around AlbaNova, on the KTH campus, and at SU’s car parking areas. Many of the ticket machines accept both cards and coins.

To qualify for the lower ticket price for staff, your staff parking permit/sticker must be clearly visible. Staff permits can be obtained from the reception or from Viktor Mannervik (room C5:3055, ext. 8756).

To buy monthly passes or to subscribe for periods longer than one month, contact Q-park’s customer service as above. A visible parking permit is still required if you have a monthly pass.

For subscription, the notice period for change or renewal of subscription is one moth.

Visitor: 20 kr per hour
Staff (with permit clearly visible): 10 kr per hour, 30 kr for 5 hours, 45 kr for 10 hours

If you have questions or comments about AlbaNova’s parking, contact Q-park’s customer service line, tel. 0771 - 96 90 00.

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