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Getting to AlbaNova by bus

A number of bus lines stop close to AlbaNova. The most convenient are bus 61, which has a bus stop close to the main entrance to the campus, next to the roundabout at the end of Ruddammsvägen. The stop is the terminus of the route, ’Ruddammen’.

Other lines have stops at walking distance from AlbaNova. Bus 73 stops on Valhallavägen at the foot of Roslagstullsbacken, next to the Tullfritt fast food kiosk. Bus 53’s terminus is on Ingmarsgatan on the other side of Roslagstull, 5 minutes’ walk from AlbaNova. Bus 40 (which also serves the University’s Frescati campus and Lappis) stops just beyond the Albano industrial estate at Kräftriket, 5-10 minutes walk from the north side of the main building. The number 4 blue buses, bus 72 and night buses 94 and 96 have stops on Odengatan, 10-15 minutes’ walk from AlbaNova.

Many of these bus lines have convenient connections to the underground and commuter train networks.

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