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Getting to AlbaNova by car

There are three routes to AlbaNova for those coming by car. See also the map.

For goods deliveries and visitors with cars, we recommend the route via the Albano industrial estate. Turn off the E18 Roslagsvägen via Björnnäsvägen, opposite Kräftriket, then turn immediately right onto the feed road parallel to Roslagsvägen. Turn left halfway to the bridge and drive up through the industrial estate to the main building. Staff members and taxis may approach AlbaNova via Körsbärsvägen (access from Valhallavägen near the junction/corner with Odengatan) which continues as Ruddammsvägen as far as the roundabout at the end of AlbaNova's access road. A quicker route to the roundabout is via Roslagstullsbacken, which leaves Valhallavägen at Roslagstull, right next to the fast food kiosk Tullfritt.

There is an access road that leads from the roundabout to the parking area on the north side of the main building. This road is always closed - the barrier can only be opened by Center staff with access cards.

Vehicles are not allowed anywhere in AlbaNova's campus area south of the main building, i.e. the area between the yellow buildings. The only exceptions are vehicles with handicap permits and emergency services vehicles. Handicap parking places are available in front of most of the yellow buildings.

AlbaNova has its own vehicle parking (80 spaces) along the north side of the main building. To reach them, approach AlbaNova as above from Roslagsvägen through the Albano industrial estate, or (if you have an access card for the road barrier) from the south side and Ruddammsvägen.

The Albano industrial estate also has some parking places to the left just before the railway line. Staff parking permits are however not valid here.

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