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Cookie Policy

Cookies on the AlbaNova Website

We use one cookie on our web site. It is called "LangPref", and expires(is removed from your browser)when you close the browser.

The cookie is used to keep track of the language(Swedish or English)used to display our web pages. Usually, Swedish is initially selected if you have Swedish as your first language preference set in your browser, or if your browser does not admit language preferences, and otherwise English is selected.
You can select a langugae anytime yourself, using the links "på svenska" or "in english" immediately after the main menus at the top of each page.

The cookie is also used to ensure that you see a different image every time you re-visit the start page of the site during a session.

If you do not accept the use of cookies, you can deactivate cookies in the preferences of your web browser.(Exactly how this is done varies between browsers, and is usually described in the help section of the browser.)

If you deactivate cookies in your browser, Swedish will be used as the default language on all pages in our site. You may still switch to an Englsih version of a page, but you need to do this on every page; with cookies activated, your language setting is remembered throughout your visit.