Waste baskets
Waste baskets from offices need to be emptied in the designated bins in the recycling stations. The bins outside on the AlbaNova area are emptied by personnel from Campus AB. Contact Ann-Christine Eriksson (08-790 9836) with any problems about cleaning.

Lightbulbs and strip lights
Internal Services (08-790 9835) takes care of replacing lightbulbs and strip lights.

Recycling stations
There are a number of recycling stations in the main building and the other buildings on the hill. The recycling stations have separate containers for different types of material (e.g. cardboard, coloured and clear glass, paper for recycling, burnable refuse, etc.). If you are not sure how refuse should be sorted, or if you have refuse which doesn’t fall into any of the available categories, contact Internal service. All refuse deposited in the recycling stations is taken care of by Internal Services before being left to various refuse collection companies.

Batteries should be deposited in the special containers in each recycling station. There is also a battery container in the entrance hall on level 5 of the main building.

Bulky refuse
Contact Internal Services if you have bulky refuse. There is a bulky refuse room next to the Goods delivery area on level 1 of the main building.


Lab equipment

Disposal of large used lab equipment should be paid for by the institutions themselves. Contact internal services for help with how to get rid of this type of waste.

Dangerous refuse
Contact the responsible person for each institution.

For physics departments at KTH;

Anders Liljeborg e-post:


First floor; Johan Norén e-post:

Second floor; Elzbieta Nilsson , e-post:

Third floor; Marica Hamsten , e-post: