AlbaNova service

The AlbaNova service group

The AlbaNova service group provides service according to the following list. Important changes due to the closing of the reception are explained below.

Email or phone 08-790 9833

Front desk permanently closed

The front desk is permanently closed. Some former front desk service is taken over by the AN service group as listed on this page.

  • Visitor reception
    - Contact information and reception is handled by the host. The front desk is permanently closed and not available for visitor reception.
  • Fruit basket collection
    - Reserved fruit baskets are available in the fruit basket room on floor 5. A signature list is no longer managed by the front desk.
  • Remote controls and microphones
    - Available in the lecture rooms. For assistance email or phone 08-790 9833.
  • Temporary access cards
    - Avaliable for loan at the goods station on Floor 1, Hannes Alfvéns Väg 11.
  • Parking stickers
    - Available for AlbaNova employees at the goods station on Floor 1, Hannes Alfvéns Väg 11.
  • Fault reports
    - Email In urgent cases phone 08-790 9833, 08-790 9835 or contact a member of the service team.
  • Room bookings
    - Email To check for availability see KTH Search time tables
  • Deliveries
    - Deliveries including flowers and food items shall go to the goods station on Hannes Alfvéns Väg 11. The front desk is not available for deliveries.
  • Resting room key
    - Avaliable for loan at the goods station on Floor 1, Hannes Alfvéns Väg 11.
  • Poster printing
    - Email

If you have any questions please contact

Goods station

The goods station is located at the first floor, AlbaNova main building, Hannes Alfvéns Väg 11.

Open hours 08:00-16:30. Delivery notification is sent by email. The goods station also handles post sorting, distribution, and collection. Assistance is provided with waste, chemical waste, recycling, minor installation and repair, and fault report to Akademiska Hus.

Card office

The card office is located on floor 1 of the AlbaNova main building, room number A1:1031. Open hours are 10:00-12:00. Cards and keys should be preordered and when ready collected at the card station.

Preorder and issues about access, locks, keys, and cards by email to