Locks, keys and cards

Locks, keys and cards

Distribution of keys and access cards are handled by AlbaNova itself, independently of KTH and SU. Thus every employee who works at the centre has to apply for access at AlbaNova in addition to any at the main campuses. We do however use the same system as KTH and the same card can be used here as well. If you have a card from one of the other KTH campuses write down the card number when applying for access to AlbaNova.

To apply for access to AlbaNova you are required to fill out a form which you can find either in the card office in corridor C5 or digitally via this link: Blankett kort & postfack. Turn the form in at the card office, or send it via e-mail to access@albanova.se. Applications turned in at the office during opening hours will be completed immediately, if sent in at other times they will be completed the next day.

Since we don't have access to employment records all applications need approval from a supervisor, administrator or person of similar merit. For the same reason we will put an end time for the access for every person who is not permanently employed. This is also the case if your access has expired and it needs to be extended.

Card office

Location: Office A1:1031

Opening hours: every day 10-12

Contact: access@albanova.se