Mail service at AlbaNova

Outgoing mail

Outgoing mail is collected every day at 16.00.

Franking is done on behalf of AlbaNova by Posten AB. All envelopes must therefore be marked with a barcode indicating your department’s account number with Posten AB. Your department’s administration can supply you with barcoded envelopes. Barcoded envelopes can be used for both domestic and international mail.

If you need to send an envelope which does not have a barcode printed on it, you can get stickers with barcodes from your department’s administration. The stickers should be affixed on the left side of the envelope so that the lines of the barcode are horizontal.

AlbaNova does not supply barcodes or envelopes.

Boxes for outgoing mail are located near the Internal Services office, opposite the mailboxes on floor 5 of the main building, corridor C5. Envelopes with barcodes should be put in the box marked ’Streckkodad A’, ’Streckkodad B’ (barcoded, A and B respectively) or ’Utlandet’ (international mail). Put letters which are already either franked, stamped or postage paid in the box marked ’Frankerat A B’.

Outgoing mail is collected by Postnord.

Contact Internal Services if you have any questions, phone 08-790 9835.