Building services and faults

AlbaNova building maintenance is handled by Coor Service Management, but any building related error reports should be made to That makes sure that the problem in question reaches the right person so it may be resolved as fast as possible. You can also call the AlbaNova reception at 08-790 9833.

Outside of business hours 08.00-16.30 big faults that need immediate attention should be reported to Coor, call 020-521018

Examples of faults

  • ventilation faults
  • blocked drains
  • snow clearance, sanding
  • lawn care, patios and other outdoor areas
  • lifts/elevators not working
  • leaks
  • heating, cooling, ventilation, water, drains
  • windows that can’t be closed
  • doors that are usually locked, or door problems
  • faulty light switches/power outlets
  • faults with gas and compressed air plants
  • inspections
  • recycling centre
  • faults in fuse boxes (outlets not working)